I AM….

Deborah M. Burton, MD

( Dr Momma Says )

I am a retired Pediatric Otolaryngologist (Ear Nose & Throat surgeon).

After 30 years in private practice, providing exceptional healthcare, I transitioned to become a health educator via my work as a blogger and podcaster. My work was primarily focused on adult education.

In 2022, I committed my efforts to bring health education directly to children and young adults via an upcoming exciting SciFi – fantasy book series based on a fictitious healthcare campus.

Would love for you to follow my author journey! You may follow me on social media where I will be sharing story concepts and crowdsourcing for desired plots. And stay tuned for my entrance onto TikTok where I will join the growing BookTok community. (I am as excited as you are to see my video clips!!)

My next journey…

Young Adult Author

I have loved interacting with my young patients over the years and now seek to continue to engage with my writing.

During the course of solving a high-tech conspiracy, my main characters will gain insightful knowledge about the diverse career options available in the healthcare sector.

Here’s to inspiring the next generation of healthcare leaders!

My names…

Shakespeare said it best:

“A rose by any name would smell as sweet.”

Whether you know me as Debby, Deb, Dr. B or Dr. Momma Says…I am who I am just the same!

Thank you for your support on my journey.